Stand Services

We believe that an exhibitor, should have no other concern except business during fair days. Especially, when there is matter of time shortage or heavy schedule of meetings and visits.
You can count on our full support in all daily needs which a foreign exhibitor may need during her/his business time. These services include but are not limited to:

Professional translators/hostesses
Our professional, polite and well-trained translators will help you in better communicating with those visitors who are visiting your stand and are inquiring for further details. These young and energetic translators (men and women), are enjoying long term experience in working in different exhibitions with different clients and can understand ascents from all over the world.

Extra accessories
Having a large inventory and various items of stand extra accessories, we can assist you in furnishing your stand with appropriate furniture. These items include all types of tables, chairs, showcases, furniture, digital equipment, electrical equipment and … To get recent catalogue of our extra accessories, click here.

Printing services
Fly light!!! You do not need to print kilos of catalogues, brochures, flyers, wall posters, CDs etc. and carry them with yourself.  Just send us the original files electronically and we will print them on the required quantity and quality and will deliver to your stand upon your arrival.
Being connected to the 24/7 printing houses, we will assist you to design, produce or re-produce all kinds of printed material.

Translation Services
For some people who are not fully fluent in English or other non-Persian languages, it might be easier to read and understand Persian documents. These documents can include wall hanged posters, flyers, brochures and up to subtitles of company video.
Benefiting educated and experienced people, we can translate, re-design and print new posters/flyers and … in local language, enabling visitors of exhibitions to better understand scope of your services and products.

Tehran - Motahari St.
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