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Iran's Exhibition Centers

Due to very high economic, commercial and geo-political potentials and capabilities of Iran, exhibitions have been an important means and tool for local and international businessmen to showcase their products and services in Iran for both domestic and overseas visitors since 1960s.
The extent and dispersion of various fields of industries and businesses throughout the country has resulted in creation and development of many exhibition centers in different parts of the country. Almost, most of the provinces have their own exhibition centers, but major centers are as below:

  1. Iran International Exhibitions Co.
  2. Exhibiran (Shahr e Aftab)
  3. Grand Musalla
  4. Iran Mall Conventions & Exhibitions Center

Other cities
  1. Isfahan (central Iran)
  2. Shiraz (central Iran)
  3. Mashahd (north-eastern Iran)
  4. Tabriz (north-western Iran)
  5. Kish Island (southern Iran)

Tehran - Motahari St.
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